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My Story

Now in my 75th year, I’m "reFired"!

Certainly NOT vintage retirement. This chapter includes focused fun with my husband, Charlie; family and friends; fitness; writing and art; plus being an ambassador for selected nonprofits.

I'm still penning pieces centered on widows and money, while also doing legacy writing--stories, poems, and letters. What impact do you want to have when you're gone? Also speaking at selected conferences and college events.

Since my book was published (about 80,000 copies in circulation), I've moved forward in many ways. So can you if you've experienced widowhood. Thanks to professionals and friends assisting my "widowed sisters." I hope you find tools and articles on this site helpful. 

Yes, I enjoy ice cream with sprinkles, especially on a warm summer eve!

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Free Tools


2021 Stories & More 


"6 Know-It-All Statements New Widows Don’t Want to Hear (and Alternatives That Are Actually Helpful)"


"How We Hosted Camp 'Grandma  & Grandpa' During the Pandemic"

CA Lutheran Univ. webinar


Next Gen Mentoring Forum interview focused on practical aspects of working with widows


"Pennies from Heaven: Gifts from
My Guardian Angel"


"I Remember Growing Up in a Four-Generation Household" 


"Final Thoughts"


"How to Help Widows Avoid Financial Risks of Remarriage"


"Does Your Mother's Legacy Shape Your Own?" 


"Shake Up Your Brain a Bit and Get Outside Your Comfort Zone" 


"5 Easy Steps to Write a Legacy Letter for Family and Friends"


" Financial Advice for Widows: What to Do Before You Remarry" 

160+ Articles Including Research Studies

About Kathleen's work


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Out & About

Legacy Storytellers Writing Circles 

Fall of 2021      Zoom sessions      Hosted by several nonprofits

Moving Forward on Your Own: Empowering Widows to Take Control of Their Finances 

October 4, 2021      Zoom session hosted by the Academy for Lifelong Learning at SUNY Empire State College in Saratoga Springs, NY

Write Your Legacy Letter for Family & Friends Workshop

October 19, 2021      Hosted by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Saratoga Springs, NY

I’m Protecting and Providing for My Son—Stretching an IRA with a “Give It Twice” Testamentary Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Plus . . . Leaving a Lasting Legacy

October 26, 2021      Atlanta      Hosted by the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners, Inc.

What Matters Most? Help Your Clients Write Legacy Letters for Family and Friends

November 9, 2021       Webinar hosted by California Lutheran University


Giving Forward

A portion of book sales benefits widows and their children.
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St. Petersburg, FL & Saratoga Springs, NY


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