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Multi-Award Winning Book by Kathleen Rehl

Over 80,000 copies in circulation

Available at

Meet Kathleen

Author | Legacy Storyteller | Advocate

As a zesty Boomer, I’m gratefully continuing to create and contribute, happily using my skills and experience to encourage others to live their best life, also.


Now in my 77th year, I love being "reFired"! That’s NOT vintage retirement. Instead, this chapter is about family, fun, focused-purpose, friends, and fitness.


I still pen pieces about widows and money while writing legacy stories, poems, and letters. I continue speaking at selected conferences and lifelong-learning centers. Plus, I help charitable organizations grow their endowments.


Since my guidebook for widows was published, I've moved forward in many ways. So can you after a significant transition such as widowhood. I hope you find the tools and articles on my site interesting.


Want the full story of origin from my heart? Go here to read that.

Thanks for your interest in my work.

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Tools That Help You Succeed

Get ready to use these four tools if you've experienced widowhood, care about a widowed friend, or work with widowed persons. Focus on what matters most.

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Be Empowered

It's time to claim your strength, embrace resilience, and soar to new heights. Honor your past while seizing the present and purposely planning for the future. Can be transformative!

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Never Stop Giving Forward!

Embark on a journey where you spread smiles, share love, and make the world a brighter place, one positive action at a time.

Upcoming Out & About

October 16, 2023 -"Better than Cake: 'Legacy IRA' Rollover to Gift Annuity"

at the Phoenix Gang annual gathering in Louisville, KY

October 21, 2023 -"Women & Money Series: Getting Ready for Retirement"

webinar hosted by the Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

November 2023 -"Widows, Wives, & Friends PLUS 'Legacy IRA' Rollover to Gift Annuity" at the Tampa Bay Estate Planning Council in Tampa, FL

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