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Kathleen Rehl

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Auther| Legacy Storyteller| Advocate


As a zesty Boomer, I’m gratefully continuing to create and contribute . . .  happily using my skills and experience to encourage others to live their best life, also.


Now in my 77th year, I love being "reFired"! That’s NOT vintage retirement. Rather, this chapter is about family, fun, focused-purpose, friends, and fitness.


I still pen pieces about widows and money, while also writing legacy stories, poems, and letters. I continue speaking at selected conferences and lifelong-learning centers. Plus, I help charitable organizations grow their endowments.


Since my guidebook for widows was published, I've moved forward in many ways. So can you after a major transition such as widowhood. I hope you find the tools and articles on my site interesting.


Go here to see many of my stories and what others have written or said about my work. Want a full resume and story of origin from my heart? Go here to read that.

Thanks for encouraging widowed persons on their journeys. 

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2021-23 Selected Stories & More 

188+ Articles Including Research Studies and reprinted on

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"The Joy of Reading Picture Books Virtually with My Long-Distance Grandchild"

"I’m “Giving It Twice,” Helping My Son & Leaving a Lasting Legacy"

"6 Know-It-All Statements New Widows Don’t Want to Hear (and Alternatives That Are Actually Helpful)"

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