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2021-2024 Published Pieces

You'll find links to stories I've written or that others wrote about my work.
Some videos are posted, too.

202 stories about Kathleen's work

"A New Way to Achieve Charitable Goals While Saving on Taxes"

“Legacy IRA Rollover To A Charitable Gift Annuity"

"Love Lasts Forever"

"Choose ReFirement Rather Than Retirement!"

"Here Are the First Financial Steps to Make After Losing a Spouse"

"Focus on Investment Factors You Can Control"

"Better Than Dollars"

"Thoughts After My 75th Birthday"

"Great Grandma's Bell"

"5 Easy Steps to Write a Legacy Letter for Family and Friends"

" Financial Advice for Widows: What to Do Before You Remarry" 

"Embracing My 77th Birthday and Moving Forward" 

"Widows Rock! Thriving in Stage 3 of Widowhood"

"After Heartbreak, New Widows Must Revisit Their Finances"

"I Helped My Mother to Live and Later Die"

"Better Than Cake"

"Divorced, Widowed Women Are Most at Risk of Retiring Earlier Than Expected"

"Financial Advice for Widows & Enjoying ReFirement"

"The Joy of Reading Picture Books Virtually with My Long-Distance Grandchild"

"I’m “Giving It Twice,” Helping My Son & Leaving a Lasting Legacy"

"6 Know-It-All Statements New Widows Don’t Want to Hear (and Alternatives That Are Actually Helpful)"

"How We Hosted Camp 'Grandma  & Grandpa' During the Pandemic"

"Final Thoughts"

"Using a T-CRUT to Give Twice to Both Loved Ones and Charitable Organizations"

"Navigating the Future: Our Checklist for Choosing a CCRC"

"Waiting List"

"I Celebrated One Year Wine-Free"

"What to Do Before You Kick the Bucket"

"Financial Satisfaction Postwidowhood: The Role of Resilience"

"Jane Fonda and I Happily Agree About Drinking After 60"

"Aging Gracefully and Money"

"Two Ways I Found Later Life Love"

"Pennies from Heaven: Gifts from
My Guardian Angel"

"I Remember Growing Up in a Four-Generation Household" 

"Shake Up Your Brain a Bit and Get Outside Your Comfort Zone" 

"Will New Widows Fire or Hire You?"

"Navigating Financial Realities After Losing Your Spouse"

"Confronting the Elephant in the Room: The Importance of Estate, Legacy and End-of-Life Planning"

"Better Than a New Year's Resolution--Big Grin Goal"

"All Together Now"

“Giving Twice with a T-CRUT" webinar

"Widows & Money Research"
(with intro video)

"You Are Wealthier Than You Think"

"Giving Twice"

"How to Help Widows Avoid Financial Risks of Remarriage"

"Does Your Mother's Legacy Shape Your Own?" 

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